New XCOM 2 Long War 2 Mod Now In Development By Original Developers

One of the most notable PC mods for the PC version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown was the “Long War” mod, which upped the time that the game lasts, added a number of new classes, and in general gave out more strategic options. Now, an XCOM 2 Long War 2 mod is now on its way.

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Firaxis actually cited the original Long War mod when they were developing XCOM 2, as instead of a single bad mission ensuring failure in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, failures in XCOM 2 would be a series of escalating failures as players slowly but surely ran out of options to use against the alien occupiers, eventually leaving you helpless to fight back.

Considering how much more difficult XCOM 2 is over Enemy Unknown, an XCOM 2 Long War 2 mod may add even more options for players to consider as they struggle to liberate Earth from the Advent Administration, the alien puppet government that’s currently running the planet.

The new Long War mod doesn’t have a specific release date for anyone, but Pavonis Interactive, originally the group of players that made the original Long War mod, have said that the mod is going to be released for free, since the mod isn’t an official creation of Firaxis, the XCOM 2 developers.

Either way, with XCOM 2 getting fairly good reviews, and with around a year passing since its release (more than enough time to iron out most of the game’s kinks and technical issues), the XCOM 2 Long War 2 mod will hopefully get a lot of players back into the game by adding additional challenge to an already challenging game. In the meantime, if you still play XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you can play the Long War mod yourself to gear you up for this new Long War mod.

XCOM 2 is available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, but the Long War mod is only for the PC version.