Microsoft Says Xbox Live Engagement Reaches 3.9 Billion Hour Milestone

Microsoft has hit a milestone in terms of Xbox Live engagement, saying that the entire Xbox Live userbase has hit 3.9 billion hours. This ends up being a 23% increase year-over-year, making it a substantial jump up from the previous year’s numbers in yet another bit of good news for Microsoft.

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Microsoft has recently been getting a few legs up on Playstation, mainly with a few months of superior sales that have allowed the Xbox One to get a small leg up over the Playstation 4. While the Playstation 4 has come back in sales in recent months, Xbox Live has been getting plenty of good use this year.

Microsoft is attributing the increased amount of Xbox Live engagement to a number of different factors. To begin with, the Xbox One S, the smaller, slimmed-down version of the regular Xbox One (and now the standard seller after its release), was one of the most popular releases in the past holiday. 400 different games were also released for the Xbox One last year in 2016.

This isn’t even mentioning how many previous-generation games have been put on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility page. According to Microsoft, those games have allowed 265 million hours to be played in those games, while Windows 10 users have spent 2.5 billion hours playing this year. Compared to last year, that’s a 127% percent increase.

When it comes to certain games being played, Forza Horizon 3 has over 14 million players on the Xbox One and PC, while Gears of War 4’s multiplayer has allowed 23 million Versus Multiplayer and Horde matches to be played, adding to the Xbox Live engagement statistics.

And in physical goods, Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab and their custom controller creator have given players over 2.4 million personalized Xbox One wireless controllers.

With more content for Forza, Gears of War 4, ReCore, Dead Rising 4, and Minecraft on the way, it’s likely that 2017 is going to be another good year for Microsoft, especially since the Xbox One Scorpio is going to be releasing later this year.