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World of Warcraft The Brawler’s Guild To Include Characters From Overwatch

Blizzard’s tradition of merging its games continues with the upcoming World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5 which marks the return of The Brawler’s Guild. This time, the guild will also include a new parody mode called Ogrewatch.

As the name suggests, the new mode is clearly modeled after blizzard’s latest IP, the team based FPS Overwatch.

WoWhead did a detailed breakdown of the various ranked fights in The Brawler’s Guild and according to those, Rank 6 will feature some familiar characters.

One of those boss fights is against a gorilla named Hudson. Hudson is armed with a barrier projector, jump pack and tesla canon. Clearly inspired by Overwatch’s Winston.

Similarly, two other bosses have also been mentioned. Stuffshrew who laughs and throws bombs like Junkrat and Dupree, a cowboy that takes a long time to shoot but deals massive damage whenever he shoots, just like McCree’s ultimate from Overwatch.

Dataminers have also fished out some more details regarding The Brawler’s Guild which suggest even more characters will be added such as Blinker(Tracer), Boargut (Roadhog) and Render (Reaper).

Given the number of Game of the Year awards which Overwatch received, it makes sense for Blizzard to push out their latest game to an even bigger audience within their own community, after all World of Warcraft has over 3 million subscribers at every time.

World of Warcraft has had a history of such easter eggs and links, not only with Blizzard’s own games but also various other pop culture references including Paris Hilton, Indian Jones and an NPC as a tribute to Robin Williams among various others.

The Brawler’s Guild is available to try on the patch 7.1.5 PTR for those interested. However, players will need an invitation as a drop from emissary bags or dungeons before they can actually take part in the brawling events.

There is no word on when the patch will be available on public server but it is expected to be available next week.