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Riot Games Announces 10-Ban System for Spring Split

It’s official! The upcoming Spring Split of League Championship Series (LCS) will feature a 10-ban system during the drafting phase.

Making the announcement on the official League of Legends website, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler stated that the additional bans will lead to “an increase in champion diversity and strategic play”.

Professional players will now be forced to boast a deeper champion pool so as not to be completely banned out by an opposition. As such, the more popular picks are likely to be banned, leading players to pick something new to fill the gap. For viewers, this will mean watching more individual champions being played in the LCS.

How will the 10-ban system work?
The 10-ban system will operate in two phases. In the first phase, both teams will alternatively ban out three champions each and then proceed to lock in their picks. Blue side will pick first, followed by two picks from red, two picks from Blue again, with red making the final pick.

The second phase will begin after that, with both teams banning two additional champions alternatively. Finally, red will pick once, blue will pick twice and red again.

“In organized play you’re playing with a consistent group, you know who your opponents are and what they play, and you may even have played against them before,” said Riot Meddler. He added that in matchmaking, you’re adapting to a new group entirely without any prior information. Hence, the 10-ban system may only work for professional play.

It’s natural for many from the League of Legends community to wonder when the additional bans will make their way to ranked queues. Unfortunately, more time is required for Riot Games to assess what manner of pick/ban changes will make the most sense for regular games. A revised drafting phase will ultimately come but not any time soon.