Resident Evil 7 Scented Candle Announced To Enhance The Experience

If you don’t think that the sights and sounds of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are going to be enough for you when the game comes out in a few weeks, then boy does Merchoid have the solution for you. A Resident Evil 7 scented candle has been announced, and smells of old timber and blood.

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Considering Resident Evil 7’s setting, in the middle of the backwoods and boonies of the American South with a psychotic hillbilly family serving as the primary threat, the candle’s scent couldn’t be more accurate, especially when it comes to getting you more immersed in the experience.

While it doesn’t sound like the sort of scented candle you would put out for company, it’ll be good to burn for a few hours while you scare yourself half to death playing the game.

Various products to help with immersion have been making the rounds lately with a number of games lately. In addition to this Resident Evil 7 scented candle, Outlast 2 also has a Kickstarter for diapers used to assist people who will shit or piss their pants while playing the game. If both those diapers and this candle sell well, we may be seeing more products like them in the future.

Considering that Resident Evil 7 will also have the ability to be played in virtual reality, the Resident Evil 7 scented candle will definitely be something that could help add to immersion (though you should probably make sure that you’re the only person in the house to avoid some mischievous member of your family sneaking up on you and making you have some sort of accident).

If you want to purchase the Resident Evil 7 scented candle for yourself, all you have to do is go to the Merchoid website and pay sixteen dollars (plus shipping and handling) to either pre-order it or buy it when it actually releases on January 20. Resident Evil 7 comes out on January 24.