Project Valerie, A three-Monitor Laptop By Razer

At CES 2017, much like every CES where Razer shows off amazing concept of its products, this year, Razer showcased Project Valerie. The laptop has potentially three screens, the two screens slide out from sides of the front screen. Check out the promotion concept video of Razer’s Project Valerie.

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Project Valerie is a concept laptop by Razer with a built-in mechanical keyboard and three 17.3-inch monitors. The monitors are capable of video output at 4K resolution. The additional two monitors slide out from the main screen and adjust automatically once laptop is open.

The concept model is built onto the existing 17-inch Razer Blade Pro. A Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 powers it, plus it uses G-Sync technology to deliver the possible smooth framerates. Not only this, but, it also has expanded 180 degree Nvidia Surround View gaming for better immersion into display.

Moreover, Razer Co-founder and CEO Min-Liang- Tan said in a prepared statement that:

The complexities of a traditional multi-monitor setup are a thing of the past with Project Valerie. Equally important, the power of a desktop computer and graphics capabilities of three top-end monitors are included in the system. There is no shortcoming in the way of performance in the face of its amazing portability and features.

Regarding weight of laptop, it uses unibody aluminum chassis that measures 1.5-inch thick and weighs less than 12 pounds. That’s potentially light weight than any other average gaming laptops, even with single main screen. Moreover, for size comparison, check out this to get a clear picture.

Furthermore, this is just a concept by Razer and whether or not this will translate into a real physical product on mass level is matter of time. But, Razer holds a reputation of taking awards at every CES event for its products.

Sadly, most of them remain only a concept. For the record, Razer has grabbed best of CES awards for six years in a row. Previous winners include Project Christine, Razor Forge TV, Razor Edge Tablet, Project Fiona and Razor Switchblade.