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New Overwatch PTR Update Adds Emote Wheel

The Public Test Realm (PTR) of Overwatch has been updated with a slew of upcoming changes, features, and tweaks to existing heroes.

Overwatch is getting an “Emote Wheel” through which players will be able to equip up to four different emotes, sprays and voice lines. According to the official patch notes, players can bind them individually to unique keys or mouse buttons for ease of use. Additionally, the Emote Wheel can also be accessed by hitting the left and right mouse buttons from within the Communication Wheel.

Regarding balance updates for heroes, the healing numbers on Ana’s Biotic Grenade have been decreased by 50 percent. D.Va has too been nerfed with her armor decreased, and damage on her Fusion Cannons slightly toned down.

We were already aware of the changes incoming for Roadhog. Chain Hook now pulls targets directly in front of Roadhog. Hooked targets will be set free if they leave Roadhog’s line-of-sight before being pulled. Furthermore, the line-of-sight check has been changed to be done from Roadhog’s position, rather than the hook’s position.

The Kill Feed has also been bettered to highlight Ultimate abilities and Headshot eliminations.

Besides the aforementioned changes, the latest PTR update features a ton of bug-fixes for heroes and maps. To name a few; Mercy’s wings have been aligned to be properly placed on her Valkyrie and Sigrún skins. Missing sound effects from Symmetra’s Photon Barrier have been corrected. Importantly, a bug that prevented Widowmaker’s Venom Mine from attaching to walls has been squashed.

Widowmaker can no longer reach an “unintended location” on Eichenwalde and Ecopoint: Antarctica. The same goes for Sombra on Dorado and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Some texture issues on the Practice Range have been addressed, and the glass railings on Oasis will now always break easily by a melee attack.

The patch should be released for the main public servers next week.