Nvidia G-sync HDR Announced For High-end Gaming Displays

Recently we talked about AMD releasing the FreeSync 2 technology and in order to compete with that Nvidia has announced Nvidia G-sync HDR. This was first hinted when Asus launched the PG27UQ gaming display. It seems that this will be the emerging trend when it comes to Nvidia G-sync.

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The concept behind Nvidia G-sync HDR is similar to AMD FreeSync 2, to provide the user HDR experience without screen tearing or stuttering. Upcoming Nvidia G-sync HDR displays will have features similar to the Asus PG27UQ. Users will also be getting 384-zone backlights and Quantum Dot technology.

Nvidia G-sync HDR displays will feature colorspace 25% larger than sRGB, which according to Nvidia, will be close to DCI-P3 standard. But just like AMD FreeSync 2 special support will need to be present in PC games for Nvidia G-sync HDR.

Nvidia G-sync HDR displays from Acer and Asus will be coming out later this year but it has not been specified when they will be coming out and how much they will cost. As the technology becomes popular I am sure that other partners will also join in the action and this will later become a standard for monitors that come with the G-sync module.

What do you think about this new Nvidia G-sync tech?