NBA All Star Uniforms Now Officially Available In NBA 2K17

The NBA All Star uniforms for this year are now officially available in NBA 2K17, last year’s iteration of the NBA 2K series. The All Star uniforms had previously been leaked back in September when the game released, but are only just now releasing for the various versions of the game to use.

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The NBA All Star game is an exhibition game used in the American National Basketball Association, and is a game where the Western Conference of the NBA and the Eastern Conference of the NBA pit their star players against one another on two teams to see which one is better. The NBA All Star uniforms will be worn at the All Star game when it begins in New Orleans next month.

The uniforms are light granite and blue-colored for the Eastern Conference, and charcoal black and red for the Western Conference. So, if you want to deck your chosen team out in those colors, you can. Various All Star team jerseys have been put in each of the other NBA 2K games in the past few years, along with the various courts that the All Star game is played on. These courts and jerseys range from the 1991 All Star jerseys and game in the Charlotte Coliseum (since demolished) to the 2017 NBA All Star uniforms of this year, taking place in the New Orleans Smoothie King Center.

The game was actually supposed to be held in North Carolina this year, in the Bojingles Coliseum in Charlotte. However, due to the controversial “bathroom” law in North Carolina, the NBA moved the game this year to New Orleans (and will likely not allow North Carolina to hold the game until the law is repealed, if ever).

So, if you’re wanting to put this year’s All Star game jerseys on your NBA 2K17 team, all you have to do is log into the game and select the option.