Mass Effect Andromeda PC Controller Support Confirmed By BioWare

Bioware has confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda PC controller support will be available for the PC version of the game, allowing players that are less proficient at using a keyboard and mouse in shooters can plug in an Xbox One or Playstation 4 controller to their computer and play the game that way.

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Mass Effect Andromeda has had a good week this week, getting a short gameplay trailer that showed the Tempest crew on a volcanic planet, along with a release date (March 21 in America, March 23 in Europe). With the game getting closer and closer to being released, it’s about time that BioWare should start revealing all of the other information about the game.

These would include things beyond the Mass Effect Andromeda PC controller support announcement, such as PC specs and other information like it. At the same time, we should also be seeing more trailers and more gameplay as the game gets closer and closer to release, something that’s been frustrating many Mass Effect fans as BioWare has played coy with any gameplay and information about the game.

What makes the Mass Effect Andromeda PC controller support even better is that it’s also seamless, meaning that you won’t have to go into the settings to change the control method like you had to when playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware’s previous game.

There’s also some information coming out about the various companions you’ll have in the game, mainly related to their behavior. When it came to hubs in previous Mass Effect games, Shepard still had to haul around two of his teammates as he did business on the Citadel. However, now hubs will allow your companions to go around and do their own business. Combat will have characters make comments, and hostile environments on planets won’t automatically force everyone to wear masks; instead it depends on the characters.