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Mass Effect 2 PC Version Available On EA’s Origin Platform For Free

The Mass Effect 2 PC version is currently available on EA’s Origin platform free of charge, allowing you to get one of the best RPG games of the last generation for free, if your PC is good enough to run it. The deal is part of the “Origin on the House” program.

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Origin on the House is a program in Origin that is similar to the Xbox Live Games With Gold program, where you get two or four games a month depending on which games are put up for that month. Several weeks ago, the game was offered for free on Origin, but now it’s up again as part of the Origin on the House program.

The Mass Effect 2 PC version is available for players in a number of ways, whether buying it through Amazon on a standard disc copy, or buying it off of Steam for twenty dollars. However, if you have Origin, you can download the game for free and play it now.

The reason for the game being put on Origin for free is likely in recognition of the new trailer that was shown for Mass Effect: Andromeda earlier today, along with the fact that the game is now roughly two months away from launch, considering that Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on March 21 in America and March 23 in Europe.

With that in mind, Mass Effect fans that want to take one more romp through the series before we jump hundreds of years into the future in Andromeda should probably get on with playing through all three of the old games, so you can have one last adventure with Shepard before the Ryder twins take over.

So, if you’re a part of Origin already, you can download the Mass Effect 2 PC version for free now (if you don’t have it already), and if you want to play the game on PC, you can download Origin, make an account, and download the game (and even the series, if you want.)