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You Need to Watch This Fan-Made League of Legends Live Action Trailer

League of Legends boasts an incredibly passionate community. It’s hardly a challenge to come across fan-made content for the game. However, a fan-made live action trailer? That’s something new.

Director Stanton Chong and his talented team have put together a short video to depict League of Legends as it would be in the real world. The six-minute video is comprised of battles between some of the most popular League of Legends champions, excellently choreographed by Ken Do and Taylor Tai.

The “Live Action” trailer begins with Ezreal and Jax, the latter of whom reminds us about the possibility of him wielding a real weapon. Following their bout, Graves is introduced who is still without his cigar. There’s also Yasuo. Later in the video, Shen makes his way along with Udyr. As a spoiler, the girl at the beginning turns out to be Vi. Pretty much all of us expected her to be Ahri instead.

It goes without saying that a lot of time, effort, and hard work went into making this live action League of Legends trailer. The online community is certainly appreciating the content. We’re hoping that Chong and his team return with another episode feature other champions from the Rift.