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Another Dota 2 Update Arrives With More Fixes

An onslaught of improvements see Valve release yet another Dota 2 update this early in the year to introduce fixes for several issues.

A bug where Sentry Wards would still use the default model has been squashed. Issues with the emoticon picker have been addressed. Coaches can no longer accidentally participate in all chat.

A number of ability tool-tips have been rectified. Interactions between bots and wards have been smoothed out. An annoying bug in relation to adding/removing sockets/gems has finally been fixed.

Additionally, Helm of the Dominator’s health buff is no longer purgable. A bug where Storm Spirit’s Remnants would not take the correct pose has been amended. You’ll no longer see illusions of Tiny carrying a tree.

Furthermore, several bot item recipes have been updated: Alchemist, Doom Bringer, Dragon Knight, Drow Ranger, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, and more. Overall performance of the in-game user interface has also been improved.

Most importantly, a bug where a hero would purchase more items than necessary when specific items were locked has been corrected. Players will now also see “Evade” messages pop up over the heads of enemy heroes once they successfully dodge an attack.

Oh, Roshan’s hat has been removed from the game.

You can go through the complete patch notes of the new Dota 2 update here.

This is the third Dota 2 update released so far in 2017. We’ve barely passed the one-week mark but Valve appears relentless in improving gameplay experience on the heels of the major 7.00 Dota 2 update.

The first update arrived on January 2, followed by another the very next day. Together, the two updates tweaked the Weaver’s Swarm attack and introduced a useful feature for players to swap heroes during strategy time. Several items were also tweaked, with aura-providing items getting a new range indicator to help players.

Valve is likely to release more similar updates in the weeks to come.