Battlefield 1 to Receive an Update in February, A New Custom Game Mode Confirmed

Battlefield 1 is planned to receive a major update next month that will include several gameplay improvements, DICE has confirmed.

According to DICE, there will not be any new content in the upcoming update, but only gameplay improvements based on the studio’s constant testing and the feedback from the community.

Battlefield 1 Planned to Receive a Major Update in February

We do not have a whole lot of details on this upcoming update, but DICE has promised to share more details and complete update notes in near future.

In addition to this, the game is also receiving a new custom game mode called Bleed Out. Scheduled to go live on Jan. 18, 2017; Bleed Out is essentially a custom version of Rush in which downed enemy soldiers respawn faster than usual and regenerative health is turned off.

The game recently received a new game mode called Armored Kill Mode. Available via Custom Games menu, the new game mode encourages vehicular warfare and bids farewell to Scout Class. Since it primarily focuses on vehicular combat, players will experience vehicles spawning at an increased rate as opposed to normal modes.

Those of you who loved the Armored Kill DLC introduced back in Battlefield 3 days are absolutely going to love Battlefield 1 Armored Kill Mode.

DICE has also teased the upcoming DLC titled They Shall Not Pass which will mainly focus on the French Army. It is the first paid DLC for the shooter and is planned to launch sometime in March 2017. To read up more on what to expect from the DLC, head over to the post!

Battlefield 1 is now available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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