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Zz’Rot Portal Changes Revealed, Increased Structure Damage

The latest Public Beta Environment (PBE) update has revealed significant Zz’Rot Portal changes that will force players to rethink when to build the item.

The active duration and cooldown of the Void Gate is being lowered. The health numbers per level of Voidlings are being completely removed. Additionally, the health decay per tick of Voidlings is being increased.

Summing the aforementioned Zz’Rot Portal changes; the item will now remain active in-lane for a lesser duration and the spawned Voidlings will travel a lesser distance. Furthermore, enemy players will no longer be able to gain gold by killing Voidlings.

On the plus side, Voidlings are being granted increased damage to structures. In comparison, each Voidling will do 360 damage at level 18 opposed to the current 90. That’s a significant increase and goes with the recent reveal that Riot Games wants more ways in League of Legends to quickly take down towers.

Responding to a thread on the official League of Legends forums, game analyst Riot Sotere stated that Zz’Rot Portal was originally conceptualized to act as a siege tool. However, players gained other benefits from the item. It’s natural to see many top-laners rush Zz’Rot as the first item to force the enemy player back or keep the lane busy as the player turn towards other lanes.

“It’s supposed to be a siege tool, and used for splitpushing but it shouldn’t be as good at autonomously splitting,” said the developer. As such, the new Zz’Rot Portal changes make it a bad item for farming and stalling a lane. Lane pressure and easy gold have been replaced with the sole advantage of increased structure damage.

Top-laners may still split-push but will no longer benefit that greatly from an active Zz’Rot Portal in their lanes. Most importantly, the reduced travel distance means that enemy players will have an easier time in pursuing and destroying a Void Gate.