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Studio Wildcard: Xbox One Scorpio Is Powerful Enough For VR And Makes It Look Good

Xbox One Scorpio will launch later this year and developers have been talking about it since its reveal. Like many other games, Ark Survival Evolved will also support the console and Studio Wildcard’s co-founder has shared his thoughts on Xbox One Scorpio.

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Speaking with Inquistr, Jeremy Stieglitz said that Xbox One Scorpio seems to be powerful enough for virtual reality and more importantly it can make it look good. He added that the team is currently experimenting with VR for Ark Survival Evolved and they are not sure about implementing it.

It looks plenty powerful enough (for VR) to support it and have it look really good, it’s just a matter of getting our hands on the console and seeing what we can achieve with it.

For us we’re still very experimental with Virtual Reality in ARK, I do not think the VR support we have now is anywhere near the final implementation.

He further said that they are currently gathering feedback for VR implementation and while the support is there for the Oculus Rift they want to do something different with HTC VIVE. He also noted that whatever Microsoft is planning they are keeping tabs on it.

It’s quite basic and is something us to gather feedback to help us work out what to do with it. It’s there for the Oculus Rift and we’re hoping to do something a little different with the Vive.

And whatever Microsoft are doing with The Scorpio is a little further out but it’s definitely going to be on our radar when we get a development unit to start working with.

Recently, Microsoft announced the Game Mode for Windows 10 that reverts the key OS resources for an optimized gaming experience. Now a report has emerged that suggests Xbox One Scorpio will benefit from Windows 10’s Game Mode.

Xbox One Scorpio will be the most powerful console when it launches and will have 6 TFLOPS of computational power and it is scheduled to launch in Holiday 2017.