Terry Crews and Overwatch Fans Want Terry Crews In Overwatch

Several months ago, it came out that Terry Crews, being a big fan of Overwatch, was interested in voicing the character Doomfist whenever Blizzard decided to put him in the game. Now, he’s using social media to voice fans’ opinions on the prospect, and it seems they really want Terry Crews in Overwatch.

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We know basically nothing about Doomfist in the game, mainly that he was either a part of or an enemy of Overwatch, and that there were apparently three different men that called themselves Doomfist and were defeated by other Overwatch heroes such as Tracer and Winston. Really one of the few bits of information we know comes from the game’s initial release trailer, where it was said that one punch from his gauntlet could level a skyscraper.

The possibility of Terry Crews in Overwatch playing Doomfist is actually a fairly accurate role for him; Terry Crews is mainly known for being extremely hammy, as you can see if you’ve ever watched an Old Spice commercial with him in it, or seen his other work on the police comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Considering that Doommfist would likely involve a lot of in-your face melee combat, him being voiced by Terry Crews wouldn’t even really be that far-fetched, at least to some. Either way, with numerous other hints about Doomfist being dropped in other parts of Overwatch media, and with Crews paying a visit to Blizzard last month, he may be the next person that we see in the game, after Sombra was added in a few months ago following her own personal short.

Whether a Doomfist short will announce his inclusion in the game or Blizzard will show something about it in the near future remains to be seen, and whether or not we end up getting Doomfist or Terry Crews in Overwatch mainly depends on Blizzard’s own thoughts on the prospect.