Fumito Ueda Interested In Bringing Shadow Of Colossus to PSVR But Has Doubts

The Last Guardian launched last month and it got a positive reception from players. Now the game has released and fans are wondering what is next for the development team. Game director Fumito Ueda said that he is interested in bringing the Shadow Of Colossus to VR but according to him, he has some doubts about the technology.

Speaking with Glixel, Ueda said that if he brings Shadow Of Colossus to PSVR then he would be responsible for bringing something that exceeds the expectations of the fans.

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If I were to release Shadow Of The Colossus for PSVR, I would feel a responsibility to create something that goes beyond the expectations of the fan base. It wouldn’t be enough to just make a game where you’re standing at the feet of a colossus.

He further added that his biggest concern about the VR is the motion sickness and he does not know if it would be a good idea to bring Shadow Of Colossus to VR. He added that he does not feel confident that the team would be able to find a work around this problem.

I don’t have the confidence that we’d be able to overcome that problem. Another problem with VR is that the market is not too big yet. On one side, as a creative medium, I’m interested in creating something for VR, but I also have the responsibility to make sure that it makes business sense for us to take on the project. So, in that sense, I haven’t found the right balance or realistic solution to make it happen.

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