A Rayman Legends Nintendo Switch Port Coming In Q2?

A leak from notorious Nintendo insider Laura Kate Dale has said that a Rayman Legends Nintendo Switch port is going to be coming to the console, and will be released during the second quarter of the year following its official announcement at the January 12 event that will give details on the console.

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Dale has released numerous leak details of consoles before, ranging from the Playstation 4 Slim to the Switch itself, so there’s not really any reason to doubt her about what one of the third-party games on the Switch will be.

A Rayman Legends Nintendo Switch port comes alongside a reported timed exclusive version of Beyond Good and Evil 2, along with a Rayman and Mario crossover game called “Rabbids Kingdom Battle” that also will be developed by Ubisoft. Going with a variety of different properties such as the Beyond Good and Evil 2 timed exclusive, the Rabbids and Mario crossover, and Rayman himself, all three of the reported Ubisoft titles will likely help the Nintendo Switch in selling systems.

However, that depends on how many people are willing to trade in Wii U consoles for the Nintendo Switch, especially if Rayman Legends is still available on the Nintendo eShop, though that depends on how many people that already own Wii Us want to actually buy and play the Switch.

If what Dale is saying is true, and a Rayman Legends Nintendo Switch port is actually going to be coming at some time in the second quarter of 2017, hopefully it’ll be something that can sell the Nintendo Switch, and help it to not be a commercial failure like the Wii U was when it first came out.

However, we’ll have to wait until the Switch actually comes out to see exactly how well it sells with all of the third-party games and other highly anticipated titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and more.