PEA Drama Settled, Players Vote to Compete in ESL Pro League

The month-old PEA drama has finally come to an end with players from its seven teams voting to compete in the ESL Pro League instead of the PEA League.

The Professional Esports Association (PEA) was formed last year with the aim to organize competitive events and give “unprecedented benefits” to players under its banner. However, the situation took a turn for the worst when it came to light that PEA teams were planning to collectively withdraw from the ESL Pro League without notifying the players.

What was seemingly a power play by the PEA left a rift between the players and their organizations. Many voiced disappointment over being left in the dark in such an important decision.

A couple of weeks back, majority of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players from the PEA signed an open letter to confirm that they will oppose the motion. Days later, PEA responded by saying that it will grant the players the option of voting between both the ESL Pro League and the PEA League.

According to Slingshot Esports, the voting process has been concluded. Players from Cloud9, compLexity Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals, NRG Esports, Team Liquid, and Team SoloMid have sided with ESL Pro League.

What happens now?
At the time of the growing PEA drama, the organization stated that it will remove itself completely from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene if the players decide to go with ESL Pro League. With that happening now, it remains to be seen if PEA is going to go through with its previous claim.

For the time being, we can put the PEA drama to rest. It’s also worth noting that PEA was formed with Counter-Strike at its center. Parting with the game might perhaps mean the end of the organization itself. Either that or PEA will move on to another game.

PEA initially wanted to host its own Counter-Strike league in 2017, and work towards a more stable and regulated esports environment in North America. It failed early on in its mission.