Nvidia 1060 Graphics Cards Gaining Use Among Steam Userbase

According to a new Steam survey, the Nvidia 1060 graphics card is gaining use among the Steam userbase, gaining ground on the Nvidia 970 and with use falling among AMD graphics cards, specifically the Radeon HD 7900 series. This may mean another shift over to Nvidia, and more people slowly but steadily upgrading.

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According to the survey, The Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 remains on the top of the Steam userbase’s chosen graphics cards, with 4.7 percent of Steam users using them. However, the card has experienced a small 0.20 percent decrease in ownership. Apparently, this is due to some people upgrading to the Pascal range of GPUs rather than sticking with Nvidia.

While the Nvidia 1060 is only used by around two percent of Steam users, it’s likely gaining that much due to its good balance of performance for cost, which has allowed it to double the number of Nvidia GTX 1080 cards that have also been used on Steam.

Both of these types of cards have been on the rise lately, with the 1060 getting a .54% increase in use, while the 1080 got a .12%.

The performance of all of Nvidia’s cards, however, is definitely better than AMD, which only has around 1.12% usership compared to the various other Nvidia cards that are being used. AMD and Nvidia are two of the most competitive graphics card manufacturers, but it seems like for the moment Nvidia holds the advantage with the kinds of cards that it offers.

New Nvidia 1060 cards and other graphics card upgrades aren’t the only way that the Steam userbase is upgrading, either. However, the change between November of 2016 and December are fairly minimal, with only 0.04% of players upgrading to 4 gigabytes of RAM, or 0.05% of them upgrading to a GPU with 3 gigabytes of VRAM.

Whether you’re one of those people that have upgraded recently or one of those that have decided that you either can’t afford to upgrade or are happy with your current setup, hopefully you’re having fun with your machine regardless.