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The Diablo Anniversary Patch Is Now Live For Console Versions of Diablo 3

Console versions of Diablo 3 are now able to download the Diablo Anniversary patch that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the series first starting. While the consoles are coming first, the PC versions of the game will be getting the same patch sometime soon, along with other events on other Blizzard titles.

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The Diablo Anniversary Patch will be including a number of special events on every Blizzard title on both consoles and PC, ranging from Diablo itself to Starcraft, Overwatch, and even Hearthstone.

Diablo 3 itself includes a special event that allows players to go back in time to the Darkening of Tristram, the event that destroyed the town of Tristram in the first Diablo game and exposed the world to the demons of the Burning Hells. To take part in the event, all you have to do is go to the fountain in New Tristram, and go through the portal there. The patch will also include numerous new Legendary powers for every class.

The other games that are affected by the Diablo Anniversary Patch will have various other items included. For instance, this week’s Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone will put you up against a cloaked figure with a new deck. Heroes of the Storm will give you a new Brawl map (the High Heavens) along with a Diablo character portrait.

When it comes to World of Warcraft, the game will be getting a Secret Cow level of its own that you can access by killing a Treasure Goblin. Starcraft 2 will give you a Diablo Worker portrait to use in-game (Get back to mining those minerals, Diablo! *whip crack*), while in Overwatch, players will get a variety of new sprays for each character class, and a special one showing Diablo himself.

The Diablo anniversary patch won’t be live for the PC for a while longer, but you can indulge in all of the other festivities in Blizzard’s other games until that happens.