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Battlefield 1 Armored Kill Mode Now Live, Focuses On Vehicular Warfare Over Boots On The Ground

It has been months since the launch of Battlefield 1 and DICE has been supporting the game with new maps and modes. This time DICE has announced Battlefield 1 Armored Kill Mode that is now live.

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Battlefield 1 Armored Kill Mode can be accessed from the custom games menu. This new game mode encourages vehicular warfare and the scout class has been eliminated from this game mode. The vehicles spawn at an increased rate compared to the normal matches.

'Armored Kill' is available now in the Custom Games menu – get in the game and say goodbye Scouts, hello Vehicles.

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) January 5, 2017

Previously DICE has introduced game modes such as Line Of Sight and Eye To Eye that make the game much more interesting.

Shovels in Battlefield 1 are used as a melee weapon but according to a DICE developer the shovel had another purpose in the game but it never made it to the final game. According to the dev, the team included the feature where players could dig trenches with the shovel but it was removed from the final game due to its weirdness.

DICE has also teased the upcoming DLC for the game titled “They Shall not pass“. This is going to be the first paid DLC for the game and will focus on French Army. According to the studio, They Shall Not Pass DLC will launch in March 2017.

Battlefield 1 is a first-person action shooter developed by DICE for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.