Asus Swift 4K Monitor, First 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor

There has been a lot of tech that has come out in 2016 and though we did not expect a 4K gaming monitor to come out so early in 2017 here it is. The Asus Swift 4K monitor is the first 4K 144Hz gaming monitor of its kind. ROG Swift PG27UQ has been able to break past the 60Hz barrier.

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The Asus Swift 4K monitor we are talking about here is a 17-inch variant. The monitor features Quantum Dot technology so you can expect bright colors and HDR support as well. HDR is catching on nowadays. Both consoles and PC displays are now supporting HDR and that is a good thing for gamers.

Unlike other Asus displays the Asus Swift 4K monitor comes with a G-sync module so if you have an Nvidia GPU then you can take advantage of this technology and reduce screen tearing. Some people might want to wait till GPUs catch up and become more powerful. I am sure there will be people that will want a single GPU solution to power their 4K gaming experience.

On the other hand with FreeSync 2 coming out soon it is possible that we might get a FreeSync version of the Asus Swift 4K monitor that will be much cheaper than what we see here. Unfortunately, we do not know about the pricing and availability of this Asus Swift 4K monitor so there is not much that we can say at this point.

If you are a PC gaming enthusiast and you are looking to buy a 4K gaming monitor in 2017 then the Asus Swift 4K monitor could be something worth looking into. We will let you know more about the product in the coming weeks when the pricing and availability have been disclosed.

What do you think about this Asus Swift 4K monitor?