AMD Vega, Ryzen, 4K VR Ready Setup Running Doom 75 FPS At Ultra

AMD is not backing off from a fight and before the AMD Vega preview that has been scheduled for today, AMD has yet again given us a demo of what AMD Vega is capable of. Here you can see a PC powered by AMD Vega and Ryzen.

The PC manages to run Doom at the Ultra preset at 4K, hitting up to 75 frames per second. The frames did take a hit here and there but the PC was able to keep the game at 60FPS consistently.

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AMD Vega, Ryzen Vs Doom

Here you can see how well the AMD Vega and Ryzen combo does against Doom at 4K at the Ultra preset.

Will AMD Be Competitive In 2017?

AMD fans have not had much to go with for the last couple of years but all that might change with the introduction of AMD Vega and Ryzen. We have seen the performance that Ryzen has to offer at the New Horizon event and later today we will be able to get a sneak peak at what AMD vega has to offer as well.

Although AMD Vega will not be much cheaper than the competition, providing the performance of a GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 for a slightly less price could work in the companies favor.

While there are those that would argue that AMD is too late to the game, it is still not game over for the company as we have seen the massive success the RX 480 has achieved due to it being marketed as a GPU for the masses.

If AMD continues to go down this road then there will be great competition in the CPU and GPU market and competition is always great for the consumer.

AMD has lagged behind in te past due to the focus on the number of cores and not the performance of a single core but all that will change with Ryzen as AMD has claimed that they will be focusing on single core performance as well as power consumption.

What do you think about the Vega architecture and the Ryzen chip? Stay tuned for more information regarding Vega.