YouTuber Has Beat Final Fantasy 15 With No Items Or Level-Ups

A very determined YouTuber by the name of BOYvsVIDEOGAME has pulled off a new feat of determination after he beat Final Fantasy 15 without using level-ups or items to help him along. All of this, as well, took him only nine hours and twenty-six seconds for him to beat the main quest.

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Considering that Final Fantasy 15 is an absolutely massive game that has well over sixty hours of content with both the main quest and the various sidequests, BVV was not only very determined, but also extremely skilled. In the video of his playthrough, which you can find here, he equips the “nixperience” band, an item that you can get with the Holiday pack, to avoid having to get experience and level up when you sit down at campfires.

Considering that camping in the game not only refills your health bar after a long day of fighting enemies, but also can give you various bonuses if you eat a meal during it, having to go through the whole game without camping would have made it even more difficult.

Final Fantasy 15 isn’t even the first game that BVV has gone through with restrictions on how he played. He’s also completed Dragon Age: Inquisition, alone, on the hardest difficulty before, along with playing all the way through Bloodborne with no level ups. While soul-level-one playthroughs aren’t unheard of in Souls games, considering how Bloodborne is reliant on damage-dealing and immaculately-timed dodges, it’s still quite the feat.

While BOYvsVIDEOGAME wasn’t necessarily graceful to Final Fantasy 15 while playing it (criticizing the game’s combat and the story once he completed the main quest), his perseverance against the game’s more difficult boss fights and hunt targets, liberal use of his teammate’s abilities, and excessive use of greatswords allows him to win the game.

Click the link above if you want to see the Final Fantasy 15 playthrough for yourself.