Report: Xbox One Scorpio Will Benefit From Windows 10 Game Mode

Microsoft recently announced the Windows 10 Game Mode that essentially reverts the key OS resources including the CPU and GPU towards an optimized gaming experience. Now a new report has emerged that suggests that Xbox One Scorpio will also benefit from this game mode.

The report comes from Windows Central and their sources claim that Microsft intends for Xbox One Scorpio to take advantage of Windows 10 game mode. The report further suggests that Game Mode is a feature that “streamlines variations between Xbox consoles and PCs, making sure as many Windows 10 systems as possible can run games to the standards set by the Xbox One and Project Scorpio”.

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According to the report, the standard set by Microsoft is 900p to 1080p for Xbox One and 4K at 60 FPS for Xbox One Scorpio. The report suggests that Xbox One already uses this game mode in games developed for the Universal Windows Platform.

Furthermore, the games developed for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Project Scorpio ecosystem specifically “need to be “Game Mode enabled” Universal Windows Apps (UWA)”.

The report suggests that games developed today using Game Mode enabled UWP for Xbox One and Windows 10 will be ready to be deploy for Xbox One Scorpio. Which explains why developers are making a shift towards the Microsoft store such as Capcom bringing Resident Evil 7 to Windows Store.

If Resident Evil 7 is developed with Game mode enabled UWA then the game will have no trouble running on Scorpio. Of course, this is just speculation and we will know for sure once the console is released.

While it is a good concept but practically it is only viable for the singleplayer only games as multiplayer games become separated on Windows Store. For example, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare launched for Windows Store but divided the PC community and Microsft refunded the game as no one was playing it.

While Xbox One Scorpio will certainly benefit from the Windows 10 game mode still it is up to the developers if they want to buy into this vision.