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New Xbox One Red Controller Is About To Release Within A Week

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One red controller. It will release on January 10, 2017 at the price of $64,99 and it will be available at GameStop and Microsoft Store only.

Of course, you can still manage to create your own customized controller thanks to Xbox Design Lab, but it will cost more.

Here you can find some pics of the Xbox One red controller.

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However, Project Scorpio’s price is still unknown, even if there’s a lot of speculation about it.

Phil Spencer recently decided to break the silence as he said that this console will cost more than Xbox One S.

Scorpio will be a premium console, so it will obviously cost more than Xbox One S, and that’s how we’re building it. We haven’t announced anything about Scorpio’s price yet, but I want to make sure that the investments that we are putting into this console meets the demands of the higher end customer, and that will mean a higher price. When we think about the console market, we understand that there’s a large range of products that customers will buy. Some people will probably buy the 500GB Xbox One S, but other costumers will prefer buying a cheaper console, Xbox One Standard. That’s the idea of market we have in mind right now.

Also, when asked about this console’s release, Phil Spencer said on Twitter that 2017 will be a good year for Xbox.

Will this be the year of Project Scorpio?