Windows 10 Creators Update Expected To Arrive In April

Initially, aimed to launch early 2017, Windows 10 Creators update will arrive in April according to reports. The report came from mspoweruser that availability will commence shortly after Microsoft finalizes the update version. Originally, the Windows 10 Creators update was planned to release in March.

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The delay figure came from update version named as 1703 in March but later the figure changed and new OS update would come out as version 1704. This gave a clue that Microsoft is delaying the update by one month.

Moreover, Windows 10 Creators update will include number of new features: from the smallest to the biggest features. The biggest introduction of feature in Creators Update will be of Windows Holographic user interface for Win 10 VR headsets. Tech giants much like, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer all are into VR headset making business and to make them work on Windows 10. The smallest feature of Creators update include 3D version of Microsoft Paint, Action Center, changes and a new people bar in the taskbar.

What you make of the delay by Microsoft. Will it fix the never ending small bugs Windows 10 has since start? Or, will it cause more bugs to happen in new features the Creators update is about to introduce. Let us know in comments section below.