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UoL Roster Changes: Samux Replaces Veritas at the Eleventh Hour

Just weeks before the new Spring Split, sudden UoL roster changes have forced the esports organization to replace one of its star members.

Kim “Veritas” Kyoung-min, the starting AD Carry for Unicorns of Love, has decided to move back to Korea. According to an announcement made on the official Facebook page, Veritas contacted the management over a week ago to confess being homesick. The young player’s wish is to return home and be close to his friends and family members.

As such, Vertias does not plan to retire from competitive League of Legends and will continue to play from Korea. However, this put the management in a tough spot. The European League Championship Series (EU LCS) begins in a few weeks. It’s unhealthy to be picking your starting members at the eleventh hour.

Nonetheless, Unicorns of Love granted him his wish and were able to find a replacement. Samuel “Samux” Fernández Fort is the new starting AD Carry for the pink squad. He is hopefully the last we hear from any immediate UoL roster changes.

“He is a hard working guy and seems to fit right into our team atmosphere,” stated the management. “We played with him previously, and he showed really promising stuff!”

Samux has spent most of his League of Legends career on Giants Gaming. Most recently, he was part of Giants Only The Brave, the sister team of Giants Gaming. It was also where he filled the Marksman role.

Prior to that, Samux was pulling out assassins like Akali and Katarina in the top lane. He himself once stated that he loves playing melee champions. How this transitions over to ranged carries, it cannot be said.

It’s commendable of Unicorns of Love to be helping out Veritas at such a crucial point. Organizations and managements are often criticized for not adhering to player-rights. However, Veritas is a good example of how players should also be held accountable for trying to get out of their contracts, especially this close to a Split.

Veritas should have expressed his wishes during the pre-season when the market was flooded with talented free agents. This would have also given Unicorns of Love ample time to practice with its new member.