Report: Super Mario Run Reached 90 Million Downloads, Brought $30 Million In Revenue

Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run were the biggest mobile game launches of 2016 and the latter seems to be continuing its triumph over the mobile market till now. A new report has emerged on the shores of the internet suggests that the side-scrolling game has reached 90 million downloads since its launch.

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According to Newzoo data(via Gamespot), Super Mario Run has brought in $30 million in revenue, which suggests that almost 3 million players have paid $10 to unlock the contents of the game. Also, the game has no further micro-transactions and Nintendo does not plan to further sell any content.

There is no doubt that the side-scrolling game based on Mario has been a huge success for Nintendo so it comes as no surprise that the company is thinking about a sequel to the widely popular side scrolling game. Nintendo has been polling its fanbase about whether or not they want a sequel to the game.

Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling auto-running mobile game developed by Nintendo for iOS and will be available for Android sometime in 2017.