Steam And Linux On PS4- Traces of AMD’s Bonaire GPU found

In another attempt by hackers to run steam and Linux on PS4, it hit a dead end: they could not get the PS4’s GPU to display any sort of output or even process any kind of graphics. Much like any dead end, if you need a workaround you research the internet. So, the hackers did the same and found a chink in the armor of GPU script.

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Hackers found a register reference for AMD’s Bonaire GPU while digging over the internet. Technically, this is the missing piece of the puzzle to get the full picture of PS4’s GPU functionality. It gets you to know GPU functions, register access, and more importantly: how to access them. Having found the reference of Bonaire register, hackers are all set to finally make PS4’s GPU output the display and run Linux on it (or any other desired program).

Importantly, this means that, given time, steam and Linux on PS4 is almost a reality waiting to happen. Although, there are some registers still unknown and thus not accessible but more of the information is passed down to hackers via Bonaire GPU reference to tackling the hacking of PS4 chip and Pitcairn-based GPU. Plus, pre and post-Bonaire architectures share many similarities making the PS4 more prone to hacking and running custom OS (if done).

Whether or not PS4 will see custom OS running on it is now a matter of time. It’s been more than three years that PS4 launched and hackers have put their all to hack the ultimate machine by SONY. Despite it, none has succeeded.