Riot Explains How League of Legends Pre-Season Badly Affected ADC Players

The passionate, as well as critical, League of Legends community has been recently debating over the poor state of the game’s AD Carry role. Between arguments pertaining to underwhelming kits and damage outputs, many have begun resorting to unconventional champion picks like Ziggs. As such, the bottom lane is revamping for the new season and the community wants an official response on it.

League of Legends design director Riot Ghostcrawler was recently asked about his views on the matter. He agreed that the current state of AD Carry champions is bleak but the issues don’t necessarily revolve around the champions themselves.

He explained that the changes brought in with the recent pre-season badly affected the AD Carry role. This includes the Assassins Update and Lethality as a stat, which combined was always going to give Marksmen a bad time.

Jungle changes forced players to execute fewer ganks. Mastery additions and Itemization too made it hectic for Marksmen to deal significant damage to others during the early and mid-game. Since the power curve of Marksmen was changed to late-game, it’s natural for players to feel useless for majority of a game.

He further added that he is “still catching up on a bunch of data” and a proper update on the matter should arrive in the coming weeks. As it is, simply buffing AD Carry champions is not going to solve the issue at hand.

“We are going to look at individual carry potential and whether ADCs ability to influence a game has decreased too much,” said Riot Ghostcrawler. “Obviously there are risks to going too far in the other direction, because when ADCs are too dominant, other players just feel like they are a cheerleading squad for their carry.”

Elsewhere, he also commented on the seemingly immortal nature of Poppy in League of Legends. Interestingly, complaints regarding the Iron Ambassador are arriving more from North America and Europe, and fairly less from Korea and China. Nonetheless, Riot Games is looking into her data to confirm if she is too overwhelming for players.

As for the newly appointed Ziggs ADC, he will remain untouched for now; at least until the developer can confirm that his tower-eating habits are becoming unstable on the Rift.

League of Legends Patch 7.1 is due in a week and will contain some nerfs for Poppy. However, the update will be light overall with much more changes being prepared for Patch 7.2 at the end of the month.