Next Overwatch Patch Addresses Roadhog’s Chain Hook

The Overwatch community has been requesting Blizzard to tone down the power levels of Roadhog, or specifically his annoying Chain Hook ability. The developer is finally addressing the community’s concerns. However, the upcoming patch is more or less fixing the ability rather than nerfing it.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, principal designer Geoff Goodman revealed the changes arriving for Roadhog.

Firstly, the hooked victim will always move in front of Roadhog. This change will guarantee players that the target doesn’t get pulled behind them (or above in some cases). Additionally, Blizzard is enforcing a cap on how far a target can be pulled from the side. This will curb the current play of “dumping” hooked players off the side of a cliff. The changes “should generally make the hook feel more consistent as to where the victims get pulled”.

Secondly, the distance measurement of whether a hook connects or not is being changed. Currently, the Overwatch system measures the line-of-sight from the position of the hook. This is being changed to the position of Roadhog instead. Basically, players will only be able to hook foes if they are able to see them.

Thirdly, if hooked players move out of the line-of-sight quickly by dashing or falling, the hook will break early and not pull the target. This will give opposing teams a last minute chance to escape the clutches of Roadhog.

Goodman stated that the changes are likely to weaken Roadhog during the initial weeks. However, Overwatch players should get accustomed to the new changes. That being said, Blizzard will be monitoring him post-patch to confirm if his performance is dropping below comfortable levels. If so, further adjustments will be brought in.

According to the developer, the changes should arrive this week on the Public Test Realm (PTR).