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Mass Effect Andromeda Runs At 60 FPS, 900p, No Scorpio Dev Kits Yet

With the release of Mass Effect Andromeda getting ever closer, we’re getting more and more information about it. In this case, the game apparently runs at 60 frames per second and 900p resolution on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. However, no Xbox One Scorpio dev kits have been released yet.

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The information comes from BioWare’s general manager Aaryn Flynn, while responding to a comment that someone made about the game being 900p on the Playstation 4, but 720p on the Xbox One. This has been a common complaint this generation when it came to comparing the Xbox One and Playstation 4, with the Playstation 4 normally getting games at a higher resolution while Xbox One games are stuck at a lower resolution and framerate.

Flynn responded to the comment by saying that the game is much like other games on the Frostbite engine, capable of running at either 1080p or 900p with 30 frames per second, but according to Flynn they might even be capable of breaking the 30 FPS mark.

It’s likely that the resolution and framerate on Mass Effect Andromeda will change as the game is further developed and optimized, especially since the game will be coming out sometime in the next few months.

At the same time, BioWare also hasn’t received any dev kits for the Xbox One Scorpio, though that’s hardly a surprise considering that the new console likely isn’t going to be released in time for the game to be released. Considering that the game is going to be released sometime during the first half of this year, or even in this quarter of the year, and Phil Spencer has said that the Xbox One Scorpio will likely be released sometime before Christmas of this year.

Either way, the game is going to be releasing sometime this year, and gamers can probably expect it sometime in March or May. The game will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.