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Lenovo VR Headset Has Built-in Motion Tracking

Lenovo VR headset comes with built-in motion tracking feature. This is good news as Microsoft conscripts big brass tech firms who make windows 10 powered HMD VR headsets. Now, Lenovo is in the list too.

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Recently, Engadget tried and reported new Windows 10 enabled Lenovo VR headset. Mentioning the base features of HMD (head-mounted-display) and what to expect in the final product.

The first thing Lenovo affirms is that VR headset will have price less than $400. Second is that the device has two 1440 x 1440 OLED panels. Engadget publication further mentions that device did not actually turn on and proper hands-on experience could not be get.

The reports mentions that the weight of Lenovo VR headset is 350 grams. This is comparatively much lighter than HTC’s Vive at 550 grams. Weight is a significant part of HMD technology, one cannot get long hours VR experience smoothly if the HMD weighs too much. It will cause fatigue and pain in the neck, eventually a discomfort.

The two cameras at the front of Lenovo VR headset to add various functionality is the key point of report. It is clear that two cameras allow room-scale tracking plus tracking is self-contained into the headset and may not require extra hardware. Unlike HTC VIVE’s Lighthouse beacons.  Although, the quality of two cameras and its live motion tracking remains to test.

Lenovo has remained silent on official specs and the name of its VR headset HMD.  However, it is apparent that Lenovo aims to offer a lower price point and a greater VR experience than any other tech company out there.