Blizzard Gives A First Look At Diablo 3 20th Anniversary Patch 2.4.3

Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo 3 20th anniversary patch 2.4.3 that brings the 16-floor cathedral-dungeon from Diablo 1. While not much details are known about the upcoming event but now the developers have revealed a new video giving us a first look at the Diablo 3 20th anniversary patch 2.4.3.

According to the devs, with this event, they are paying homage to the original Diablo by recreating the entire Diablo with Diablo 3 assets. Once the event starts the cultist will appear all over the sanctuary.

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Once the players enter the recreated Diablo things change both in terms of visuals and gameplay. A pixelated filter will overlay the entire screen, the camera is changed along with the animations. Players and monsters will be locked to 8 degrees of rotation and player’s character will walk the way they walked in the original Diablo.

The sounds have also been changed, players will notice sounds often repeating. According to the devs, they want to recapture the feel they remember while playing the Diablo.

The devs further note that bringing the bosses from the original game to Diablo 3 was a challenge as they were simple but they had some iconic abilities that were really important to capture. The developers also advise players to fully explore the event as they will find many unusual references to the original Diablo.

No release date has been announced by Blizzard for The Darkening of Tristram event but the devs have revealed that it is right around the corner. The event will only be available in January and might become an annual event.

So are you excited to relive your memories of the original Diablo? Let us know in the comments.