Blizzard Launches A Brawler’s Guild World of Warcraft Overwatch Event

Blizzard has decided to start the new year off with a bang as they launched a World of Warcraft Overwatch event specially for the Brawler’s Guild in Azeroth, allowing players that reach a high enough rank in the guild to face off against some Azeroth-friendly Overwatch characters.

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This event, specific to World of Warcraft’s 7.1.5 update which came out after Legion, is an addition to the Brawler’s Guild, as mentioned above, and will give you the ability to fight a number of Overwatch (or in this case “Ogrewatch”) characters, such as “Hudson”, “Scuffshrew”, “Dupree”, “Blinker”, “Boargut”, “Steingardt”, and “Render”. These would all most likely be similar to their original forms, with roughly the same abilities, but it’s likely that Blizzard will have done their best to make them a challenge.

According to the World of Warcraft fansite Wowhead, Hudson, Scuffshrew, and Dupree are the first group of bosses in rotation for the Brawler’s Guild. Hudson will be using a Tesla Cannon and a Jump Pack, in addition to putting up a barrier. Scuffshrew will cast Maniacal laugh, which includes an enormous bomb that goes off after six seconds. Dupree casts the spell High Noon, which will allow him to deal high amounts of damage, so you should probably try to kill him and Scuffshrew first.

All of these new Brawler’s Guild updates are only the start of a rash of new patches that will be coming out soon as well; new additions to quest chains in The Broken Isles will be coming alongside this new Brawler’s Guild update, though we likely won’t get another World of Warcraft Overwatch event unless some sort of milestone comes (like the game’s first anniversary).

Either way, if you’re wanting to see how your own World of Warcraft character would do against your favorite Overwatch characters, try and get to rank six in the Brawler’s Guild if you haven’t already and go have some fun.