AMD VEGA Features Leaked Before Official Preview

AMD launched a surprise teaser trailer named “after the uprising” for their upcoming VEGA architecture which is all set for preview on this Thursday, January 5, 2017. But, it looks like AMD VEGA features leaked before official preview before the official upcoming showcase event. Much like “make some noise” theme of VEGA architecture shown in the video, the leaks also made some noise beforehand.

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The leak came from a wordcloud image which highlights major hardware upcoming changes by VEGA. The promising technology leap VEGA offers is 4X power efficiency, which stands out then other features. This alone is vital for successive generations of AMD GPU lineup, it can offer twice the peak throughput per clock and 8X VRAM capacity per stack. Moreover, VEGA architecture can stand out against previous generation of top-end graphics architecture.

Furthermore, other details from the image High Bandwidth or 2X Bandwidth per pin. 512 TB virtual address space and more. Although, more details will be revealed in detail on Thursday at official preview of VEGA architecture by AMD. Only then we can know for sure what exactly VEGA based GPU architecture is capable of and how far it can pan out against NVIDIA’s top-tier graphics cards.

Make sure to check out the preview event to know more on upcoming architectural jump by AMD in face of its opponents and in favor of technology this Thursday, January 05, 2017.