AMD RX 560M To Become First RX 500 Series Graphics Card

In a recent advertisement by Lenovo it appears that AMD RX 560M to become first RX Radeon series graphics card. Although, officially, the graphic card does not exist. So at this point, we do not know for sure if Lenovo made a publicity mistake or there is a slight truth hidden in the advertisement.

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Furthermore, the advertisement image mentions that RX Radeon 560M will feature 4GB of RAM. Since there is not existence of RX 560M as of yet, we can assume that this may be the rebranded RX 460M or a new card based on Polaris 12 architecture.

It is just a matter of time that we find out that whether or not AMD wants RX 560M to become the first RX Radeon series graphics card. There have been multiple reports that Lenovo Y520 will be available starting from February 1st, 2017, priced at 899 EUR/USD.

Until it is officially announced or the hardware itself comes out we can’t know for sure that it is really the RX 560M graphics card. Chances are it could be a redo of older AMD graphics card based on Polaris 12 architecture.