Valve Blasted for Remaining Silent Over CS:GO Server Issues

Prevailing CS:GO server issues made it a not so happy new year for the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter on the planet.

The technical problems began over the weekend when players started experiencing extensive queue times during matchmaking and the inability of seeing their ranked ratings. Soon, social media platforms were flooded with reports regarding the annoying CS:GO server issues.

In such scenarios, it’s common to see the developer communicate with its player-base. However, Valve was completely absent from the foray. Without any sort of confirmation, it was also unsure as to what exactly happened to the servers. The Counter-Strike community was not impressed with the nonchalant attitude from the developer.

As such, the CS:GO server issues jumped from the weekend to the weekday, registering over 24 hours of downtime. Finally, it was Matt T. Wood that responded to the issue. However, the situation didn’t improve for the better for Valve. Wood no longer works on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Hence, him providing a small update to the server issues only rubbd the community the wrong way.

As of last night, the servers have been acting stable and are assumingly back to normal. An official response from Valve itself is still yet to arrive. There’s no word on what exactly happened to the servers and the cause for the lack of communication.

Numerous threads on the game’s subreddit have blasted the Steam developer for remaining silent on the matter.

It can be agreed upon that healthy communication is always a positive element that bridges developers and players. Valve should have an active community manager handling such scenarios in the future. Alienating a player-base is always unacceptable for any game and any developer.