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Deman Tried to Return to League of Legends Last Year

Leigh “Deman” Smith is one of the main reasons that many became interested in following competitive League of Legends. The veteran caster made every game a pleasure to watch with his zeal and passion.

In December 2012, he officially joined Riot Games to become part of the casting family. A couple of years after, Deman decided to part ways with the company and join Electronic Sports League (ESL) to cast competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive instead.

At the time, Deman explained that the relocation of the European studios for the region’s League Championship Series (EU LCS) played a major factor in his decision to leave Riot Games. His departure was an incredible blow for fans.

A glimmer of hope arrives on the horizon in the form of Deman expressing significant interest to return to League of Legends. Unfortunately, Riot Games has not forgotten his earlier departure.

In a “2016 Year in Review” video, Deman revealed that he applied for the position of League of Legends caster for the NA LCS in January 2016. Over the course of a week, he went through almost 24 different interviews with various people. However, he was ultimately rejected for the position.

In the video, Deman calls the rejection as a “bookend” to his career as a League of Legends commentator. While he didn’t reveal the reason of his rejection, he agreed with whatever Riot Games told him. At this point, it’s safe to assume that it had something to do with his decision to not relocate alongside the EU LCS studios.

Deman will remain as an iconic voice in League of Legends. While it may not seem possible in the current scenario, maybe Riot Games will come around in the future and talk with him again. We wish Deman the best in his esports endeavors and hope to see him on the Worlds’ stage again.