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Reddior Lists Over 150 Mordekaiser Bugs, Riot Responds

Every League of Legends player is aware of the number of Mordekaiser bugs that are still live in the game, but just how many bugs are there in total?

Reddit user Naerlyn answered that question for the Iron Revenant, documenting a monstrous list of over 150 unique Mordekaiser bugs.

These cover the past nine months of play, at the start of which he decided to main the champion. However, he soon observed various bizarre instances where either his damage refused to register or abilities wouldn’t work as intended. Hence, he started listing all the Mordekaiser bugs he came across, exceeding 150 by the end of the year.

Senior champion update QA RiotMEMEMEMEME responded to the list by thanking the user for his hard work. He also offered a small update after reviewing the proposed list of bugs. He summed majority of them to two categories:

  • Ghosts aren’t firing using the standard auto-attack flow, leading to issues where items like Shiv and Rageblade don’t work.
  • We [Riot Games] require an input that is “This spell acts like alt-clicking” which would resolve a ton of ghost-related bugs.

The developer confirmed that it intended to squash most of the bugs by the end of last year. However, the recently released Assassins Update took precedence and Mordekaiser was pushed aside.

“Part of the reason its taking a bit longer than we had hoped after your last post is the amount of scripting/QA time required to tackle Morde is fairly significant and we would like to do this correctly so fixing a bug does not cause fix/fails (Like what happened when we were tackling Yasuo bugs a few months back),” he explained.

Mordekaiser is already an incredible rare sight on the Rift, packing a minuscule 0.7 percent pick-rate. Add in the long list of bugs, and there’s really no incentive to play him in any game.