Na`Vi Returns to League of Legends With New Roster

Ukraine-based Natus Vincere is finally ready to return to competitive League of Legends with a brand new roster of talented individuals.

The esports organization’s previous roster participated in the Continental Qualifiers of the European League Championship Series (EU LCS). Despite registering a massive finish in the tournament, Na`Vi failed to qualify for the big league.

It now places its hopes in a new League of Legends roster that has been formed after “great scouting work” to represent the team in the upcoming spring split of the LCL, the Russia/CIS equivalent of the LCS.

“We’ve formed a roster of mature and experienced players for the spring season of LCL,” said team manager Yaroslav “N1ghtEnd” Klochko in a statement. “The players will share the experience with each other to avoid the mistakes of the past and work hard to achieve the common goal.”

The new League of Legends roster of Natus Vincere:

  • TOP: Simon “Zvene” Svensson
  • JUN: Ruslan “Gumbeq” Pozdniakov
  • MID: Sebastian “niQ” Robak
  • ADC: Vladislav “aMiracle” Scherbina
  • SUP: Arthur “Skash” Yermolaev

Zvene is one of two returning members from the original roster, a key ingredient that helped Natus Vincere place in the top 4 rankings. Skash is the second, switching to Vega Squadron in-between but coming back to wear the Na`Vi for the next split.

Veteran Gumbeq has been part of Good Team Multigaming for the last three years, where he took fourth place at the regional CIS championship. Mid-laner niQ is known for his time on Gambit Gaming and is respected as a powerful player that can turn the tide of battles. In the bottom lane, aMiracle is the former player of Albus NoX Luna. He won the regional CIS championship twice and qualified for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship.

The multi-games esports organization is known for its dominant Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 presence. It also features rosters for World of Tanks, FIFA, and StarCraft II. It had been part of the League of Legends scene for the past three years or so but scrapped its last roster in late 2015. Since then, Na`Vi expressed the wish to return but was probably bidding its time to search for suitable members for its new roster.