Justin Wong Picks New Manager After Leaving Evil Geniuses

The earlier announcement of Evil Geniuses parting ways with multiple renowned players from its fighting games division left a major question. Were the players released by the organization or did the players themselves made an exit?

Justin “Justin Wong” Wong was part of Evil Geniuses for nearly six years. Taking to Twitter today, he confirmed that the decision to leave the team was his own. He called it “moving on” and thanked the crew of Evil Geniuses for being an “amazing family”.

On the heels of the announcement, Wong also revealed that he has picked Mark “MarkMan” Julio to act as a business manager for his professional gaming career.

The recently appointed Fighting Game Community and Product Consultant for Razer has done a lot for the community-base. During his time with MadCatz, he was instrumental in the development of the company’s arcade sticks. Markman later moved to take care of Business Development for EVO and also filled in the role of Brand Ambassador for Tekken at Namco Bandai.

Him handling gaming careers for players is new. Speaking with EventHubs, MarkMan teased that we should be ready for some “big news” regarding Justin Wong. Scheduled to arrive soon, the announcement should clarify what aspects of Wong’s career will MarkMan be handling.

He, though, confirmed that he’s not acting as his sponsor but will be working closely to build Wong’s brand in the community. At the moment, he’s only working with the sole Street Fighter veteran and doesn’t intend to take more on his plate until his team grows.

“I am excited to see him grow as a player and I know how much this means to him, he really wants to work hard to improve the fighting game scene for everyone in the coming year. Wish us luck!” he concluded.