Evil Geniuses Shake Street Fighter V Roster, Scrap StarCraft II

In a surprising announcement, Evil Geniuses is parting ways with multiple renowned players who have been part of the esports organization for quite a while.

Taking to Twitter, CEO Peter “PPD” Dager laid out new plans for the team for the year in efforts to expand its business and “modernize” its operations.

Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez had already announced his departure a couple of weeks back. Today, we get to know that legendary Street Fighter icons Justin “JWong” Wong, Yusuke “Momochi” Momochi and Yuko “ChocoBlanka” Momochi will also no longer be playing under the Evil Geniuses flag.

Kenneth “KBrad” Bradley and Ricki “Ricki Ortiz” Ortiz, the remaining members of the organization’s Street Fighter V division, will be sticking with the team for the year.

There’s no confirmation on whether the players were released by the management or if they solely decided to part ways on their own.

For 2017, Evil Geniuses is taking the upcoming release of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite very seriously. While we’re still unsure as to when the new installment will hit the market, the esports organization has already added Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez to its family. ChrisG, a veteran of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, dictated the moves on Morrigan and has 35 tournament wins under his belt. He’s also your reigning EVO 2016 champion.

Elsewhere in the fight games department, Super Smash Bros. Melee player Kevin “PPMD” Nanney is returning from his hiatus to enter the competitive scene once again. Regarded as one of the “Five Gods” of the game, PPMD took several extended breaks throughout 2016 due to physical and mental health issues. According to the announcement, he’s all better and eager to step foot on stage.

Lastly, Evil Geniuses is shutting down its StarCraft II division. Geoff “InControL” Robertson and Chris “HuK” Loranger, relatively inactive as of late, were the only remaining members on the team and have been released. Other StarCraft II icons such as Lee “Jaedong” Jae Dong retired last month, perhaps in anticipation of the news.