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Resident Evil 7 Will Run at 1080p 60FPS On All Platforms

Capcom in a recent interview confirmed that Resident Evil 7 will run at 1080p 60FPS on basic version of PlayStation 4. Plus, HDR support will be added on base PlayStation 4 console.

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Previously, producer Masachika Kawata confirmed that all consoles will support HDR feature including 1080p 60FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and upcoming Project Scorpio. This was confirmed in an interview with Gamingbolt.

Furthermore, it is assumed that PlayStation 4 Pro will have a more edge in Resident Evil 7 graphics because of the dynamic 4K display output capability. In addition to high resolution, PlayStation 4 Pro will also benefit from its VR technology.

Moreover, Kawata-san shed a light on his thoughts about console gaming and iterative consoles as:

“When it comes to new hardware, I think that the biggest takeaway is just making sure that it’s not just one party that is excited about this product. It really has to be a mutual interest on both the manufactures side, publisher side, [and] consumer side. And only when everyone is on board and everyone’s excited for the product does it allow the opportunity to expand the game industry and the user base. Because otherwise it’s just a lot of extra effort on our side.”

Technically, his words make sense and he pointed towards Wii U and PSVita, where customer and manufacturer support is low and it does not make sense for a publisher to work extra to provide game support further on these platforms.

Resident Evil 7 or Biohazard 7 is an upcoming survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. Resident Evil 7 Will Run at 1080p 60FPS and it is set to launch on January 24, 2017 and demo stage of Resident Evil 7 is available at Xbox One and Ps4 and is coming soon to PC. The demo alone was downloaded over two million times, can’t wait for the full game.