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Nintendo Already Polling Fans About Possibility Of Super Mario Run 2

Super Mario Run has barely been out for two weeks, and already Nintendo appears to be polling its fanbase about the possibility of a Super Mario Run 2. While the game has been a roaring success, with over 40 million downloads despite an always-online requirement, a sequel may not be too far off.

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The game already costs around 10 dollars to unlock the full game, and is mainly just a mobile Mario game, a platforming game that brings to mind how Sega ported a Sonic game over to mobile devices as well. That’s one of Nintendo’s current priorities with making the game more accessible, mainly by cutting down the 10 dollar price tag, which has already caused Nintendo’s stocks to decline despite a 14 million dollar profit in the first three days.

Among the various wish lists from fans if a Super Mario Run 2 were actually released, is the removal of the “Always online” requirement for playing the game, which can turn some people off if you need to connect to a wifi network in order to play it instead of being able to play it on the road or on a plane, not to mention how much data it uses.

Along with a request for the option to play offline, people have already requested that there not be a requirement for tickets in order to play in the Toad Rally game mode, though a new mode, Friendly Rally, doesn’t require players to use tickets in order to play it.

A Super Mario Run 2 would definitely be something that could be welcomed by people, especially if it’s a bigger and better version of the first game. If that happens, Nintendo may have an even more popular mobile game on its hands than both the first Super Mario Run game and Pokemon Go, another highly popular mobile game based on a Nintendo property. However, we’ll have to wait until Nintendo actually does announce whether or not they’ll be making a sequel to the game already.