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Lizard Squad Steam Hack Briefly Takes Steam Client Offline, Services Restored

A Lizard Squad Steam hack has briefly taken the client down during the Steam Winter Sale, though it’s now back up after a short period of downtime that took down nearly everything that was a part of Steam. Lizard Squad is a hacker group that has often struck online services.

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For the past several years, Lizard Squad has been attempting to hack various services during periods of high traffic, such as Steam, Xbox Live, the Playstation Network, and even a variety of other websites on the day that Battlefield 1 was released, which took down Twitter and more for several hours.

The Lizard Squad Steam hack also took down the various free-to-play games that rely on Steam to function, such as Defense of the Ancients 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and more. Several members of the group have been arrested as a part of these hacks over the past several years, though apparently there are others that have been continuing their efforts.

Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the hack on the Twitter page of one of its members, and also claimed that it hacked the Playstation Network and Xbox Live, similar to what it did several years ago when it took down all three services on Christmas Day, when many people all over the world would be getting consoles and installing them.

While Lizard Squad “justified” the hack by saying people should be spending time with their family, it was likely just a way to inconvenience everyone so that Lizard Squad could feel validated.

While the Lizard Squad Steam hack has been quickly resolved, that still doesn’t change the fact that Valve has once again shown that Steam is vulnerable to hacking attacks that they have yet to fix, a problem that has repeatedly been shown over the past few years as being vulnerable to attacks like it.

However, now that the hack’s effects have been beaten, you can likely go and continue to browse the store during the Steam Winter Sale, and be able to play online.