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December 2016 PSN Flash Sale Has Gone Live, Here’s The Deals

Now that Xbox has started its Countdown sale for this winter, and Steam is also running its Winter Sale, the December 2016 PSN flash sale has gone live today, allowing a large number of Playstation gamers the ability to grab games at notable discounts, ranging from Triple-A games to indie games.

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Flash sales normally happen on the Playstation Network once a month, giving players a large number of discounts on a variety of games. And, with so many games that came out in this last quarter of the year, there’s plenty to choose from for Playstation gamers that are looking to spend Christmas money that they get this weekend.

When it comes to Triple-A games, Playstation players can get the following from the December 2016 PSN flash sale: Bioshock The Collection for 41.99, Dishonored 2 for 40.19, a Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 bundle available for 74.99, Mafia 3 for 38.99, NBA 2K17 for 41.99, and Final Fantasy 15 for 39.59.

On the indie and arcade side of the flash sale, you can buy Farming Simulator for 37.49, or buy Uno for 6.99, Killing Floor 2 for 31.99, or Battleship for 10.49.

All of these games are normally much more expensive than they currently are, and even though they can still be rather expensive, at least they’re not either 60 or 100 dollars for now. And the flash sale won’t last long either, so you won’t have much time to grab a game if you want one. The flash sale will be happening until today, December 23, to Monday, December 26.

Deals are also available on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita in addition to the Playstation 4, who all have a variety of flash sales of their own, such as the Modern Warfare pack for 19.59 (which includes all three Call of Duty Modern Warfare games) and more.

Remember, the December 2016 PSN flash sale lasts until the day after Christmas, December 26. If you want more information on the flash deals, you can look on the official Playstation blog, here.